With LeadSync you can send Facebook leads to Podio. Leads will be added as a new task. Here's how to setup the Podio integration:

In your LeadSync account go to the Connection section and click Add Connection
Select Podio from the Dropdown
You'll find your Podio Key in your Podio account in the Account Setting > API Keys. Copy and paste the Secret Key into LeadSync.
Name your Connection. This is just for internal purposes, so you can just name it "Podio".
Select the List where you want leads to be sent.
Click the Update Connection button.
No go to the Lead Forms section and click Add Facebook Lead Form
Select your Facebook Page, the Form you're using in your Ads, then the Podio connection you just created.
Click Update Notification and you're done.

Here's how to test this Facebook Lead Form connection.
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