To make sure you're receiving LeadSync Email, SMS or CRM updates, here's how to test your connection:

Go to
Select your Page and your Form from the dropdown - make sure it's the same form you've setup in your LeadSync connection.
Click on the "Preview Form" link to fill in test data to the form you'll be using and submit.
Give it a couple of seconds then click “Track Status”.
The LeadSync App ID is: 1711149865783520. If the status still says “pending”, then give it another 20 seconds then click “Track Status” again.
You should see "success"under the status column and "200" under the HTTP code column.  See the screenshot below. If not, take a screenshot and send it through to our support team.
You should also receive a test email.

Still not getting leads from your live ads? Then please make sure that the lead form your using in your ads is the same one you've setup on LeadSync:

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