When you become a Page admin of a new page after signing up to LeadSync, sometimes we don't have the correct permissions. 

This means you might be receiving Warning emails, or you'll be unable to connect to new Pages/Forms. 

WARNING: The following steps may delete all the Lead Forms you've setup in your account.

To reset LeadSync's permissions for your newer Pages:

  1. Remove LeadSync from your Facebook Business Integrations.
  2. Sign into LeadSync and accept the permission requests if asked.
  3. Go to your Ads Accounts sections and Delete your Facebook Account
  4. Re-Connect your Facebook account and accept the permissions.
  5. Go to your Lead Forms section and re-setup your lead form connections.

Now to test you Lead Form setup, go to the Facebook Testing Tool

  1. Choose the page and the form you're using then click the "create lead" button
  2. Then, click the "Track Status" button.

You should then see a table with the lead status. If it still says "pending" in one of the status fields, give it 30 seconds, then click the "track status" button again.

Our App ID is: 1711149865783520, and you should see something like this:

If you get an error, please take a screenshot and send it to us via the support form.

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