Here are the most common reasons why you might not be receiving leads and how to fix them:

  1. Make sure your Facebook Ad is using the same lead form as the one you have setup in LeadSync.
    Here's how to check.
  2. Check that you've spelt the email address correctly in your connections section
  3. Check your spam folder. Sometimes leads end up in there. If they do, make sure you mark them as not being spam.

Once you've checked these, run a test on your lead form.

In the test tool, choose the Page and the Form you're using then click the "create lead" button.

Then, click the "Track Status" button.

If it still says "pending" in one of the status fields, give it 10 seconds, then click the "track status" button again. Repeat until the status changes to "success" or "failed".

Our App ID is: 1711149865783520, and you should see "success" under the status column and "200" under the HTTP code column.  

If there's an error, please take a screenshot and send it to our support team... just click that little blue chat icon at the bottom right of the screen ;-) 

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