There are a couple of reasons why your leads may not be appearing in your inbox. Here's how to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Make sure you've selected the right lead form in LeadSync. If you have a number of lead forms, make sure you've connected the correct one.
  2. Check that you've spelt the email address correctly in your connections section
  3. Check your (or your client's) spam folder. Sometime... it happens. 

Now: Test your lead connection here.

In the test tool, choose the Page and the Form you're using then click the "create lead" button.

Then, click the "Track Status" button.

You should then see a table with the lead status. If it still says "pending" in one of the status fields, give it 30 seconds, then click the "track status" button again.

Our App ID is: 1711149865783520, and you should see "success" under the status column and "200" under the HTTP code column.  

If there's an error, please take a screenshot and send it to our support team... just click that little blue chat icon at the bottom right of the screen ;-) 

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