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How to Integrate Facebook Leads with ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a great simple Email Marketing marketing tool. It plays well with a range of other services and you can get send your Facebook Lead Ad leads to ConvertKit autoresponder sequences automatically with the help of LeadSync.

Here’s how to synchronise Facebook Lead Ad leads with ConvertKit.

Login to LeadSync. You'll need a Business Account to access the ConvertKit syncing functionality.

Click on Connections, then Add Connections.

Select ConvertKit from the dropdown.

Now login to your ConvertKit account, click on the Account tab and copy the API Key.

Paste the API Key into the LeadSync form, call the connection something appropriate and click update.

Once you've kit update, LeadSync will take a couple of seconds to retrieve your ConvertKit Lists and Tags, then you can select what list and tag you want to add new Facebook Leads to. Hit Update and you're done adding the connection.

Now you need to choose the Facebook form you want LeadSync to monitor and sync new leads to your new ConvertKit connection. Click on Lists and Add Facebook Lead Form.

Select the Page your advertising from, the Form you're driving leads to and the ConvertKit connection you just created. Hit Update Notifications and you're done.

NOTE: If you are unable to see leads in ConvertKit** once you've run a test below, try changing your subscriber filter from "Confirmed Subscribers" to "All Subscribers". See ConvertKit's details here or login to your ConvertKit account and click this link:

How to Auto-Confirm New Subscribers

From the Grow menu, click Landing Pages and Forms

Edit the form associated with your list

Go to Settings > Incentive, then check Auto-confirm new subscribers.

Here's a quick video explainer:

Here's how to test your connection. This should add a test lead to ConvertKit.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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