With LeadSync you can now forward Facebook Ad Leads to your Mailchimp lists. This means you can now get people onto your email newsletter or into an autoresponder sequence. Here’s how to connect MailChimp to LeadSync.

Login to LeadSync.me, click the Connections menu item, then hit the Add Connection button.

Select MailChimp from the drop down menu

To find your MailChimp API Key, login to your MailChimp Account, then:

Click your profile name to expand the Account Panel, and choose Account.
Click the Extras drop-down menu and choose API keys.
Copy an existing API key or click the Create A Key button.
Name your key descriptively, so you know what application uses that key.MailChimp has a more detailed how to here.
Add Tags.

Add Your Mailchimp API to LeadSync, add a Connection name, select your list and click Update Connection.

Finally, click on the Lead Form section, then the Add Facebook Lead Form button
From the drop down menus, select the Page, Form and the Mailchimp connection you just added.

Here's how to test your connection. This should add a test lead to Mailchimp.
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