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How to Send Facebook (Meta) Leads to SendGrid

If you use SendGrid for your email marketing an automation, you can use LeadSync to add new Meta (Facebook & Instagram) leads to a list. Here's how:

Login to LeadSync, click Connections, and select SendGrid.
Select the SendGrid Connection

Login to your SendGrid account and go to the Settings > API Keys section, then click the Create API Key button.

Enter LeadSync for the API Key name and grant full access, then click Create & View. LeadSync only uses the GET endpoints to fetch you list and tag names, and the POST endpoint to add leads.

Copy the API Key and paste it into your SendGrid Connection back in LeadSync. Wait a second while LeadSync finds your Sendgrid Lists, then select the list you want to send leads to.
Paste SendGrid API Key & Select List

Now it's time to associate your Meta lead form with this connection. Go to the Lead Forms section and click the Add Facebook Lead Form button.

On the Setup Notifications page, select the Facebook Page your using, the form your using in your ads, choose the SendGrid Connection you just created, then map your Facebook form fields to your SendGrid fields.
Set up lead form

Here's how to test your facebook leads ads to Sendgrid connection. You should see a test lead in your SendGrid list once you've run a test.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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