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Is the lead form you're using in your Ad the same one setup in LeadSync

One of the most common reasons we see for people not receiving leads is due to their Facebook Ad using a different form to the one that's been setup in LeadSync.

Here's how to make sure you've setup the same Form in LeadSync as the one you're using in your Facebook ad:

From your Facebook Ads Manager account, find the Lead Ad you're running and edit it. You'll be able to see the form that your ad is using. For this example, my ad is using the form called "LS - 30% Discount Form".

Login to your LeadSync account and go to the Lead Forms. Check that you have setup the same form that you're using in your ad.

Please Note: The images above are examples from our own account. You will have different form names.

Updated on: 19/07/2021

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