Previously, to be able to access leads generated for a page via Facebook Lead ads, you needed to be a direct page admin, as opposed to a page admin via Business Manager. 

For situations where an agency or person is managing lead ads on another business's behalf, this setup is not always idea.

There is a way to provide a person (not a Partner) with access to a Page's leads and to therefore be able to setup lead ad notifications via LeadSync. 

Firstly, the admin of the Page used in the advertisements needs to have a Business Manager account and can provide access as follows: 

Sign-in to Business Manager and go to the Business Setting area.

From the Users > People section, click the Add button, then enter the Facebook email address for the person who will be helping with your lead ads.

Select the Page you wish to give them access to and make sure Create Ads is turned on.

The person will be emailed an invitation. They need to accept this invitation before you proceed with the next step.

Go to Integrations > Leads Access

6. Select the Page name then click Customize Audience** and Confirm.

Click Add People, select the person you invited and assign.

The person you just added should now be able to use to create lead notifications for lead forms associated with this page.
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