The following instructions will show you how to setup email notifications for Facebook Lead Ads using

Please Note: you need to be a Page administrator or have access to Page lead via Business Manager to setup connections and lead forms.

Facebook Lead Ads Email Notifications Setup Instructions

Sign up to
Once you've confirmed your account, connect your Facebook account

Click on Connections and Add Connection

Select “Email” from the connections drop down box, then add your email details and name your connection, then click Update connection.

Go back into the Lists area and click on the Add Facebook Lead Form button

Select your Page from the drop down, then wait for to access your Page.

Once the Forms that are associated with your page have loaded, select one from the second drop down, then select the email connection you want your leads to be sent to. Make sure you select the right Lead Form that you're using in your ad.

Click Update Notifications to save your changes.
Here's how to test your connection.

Here's how to customise the email notification you receive when a new lead is generate.
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