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Customizing the Facebook Lead Ad Notification Email

You can customize your facebook lead ads email notifications email by going to the Messages Section.

From Name: this should be a name that you can easily identify as a lead. The from email address will be "admin@". This can only be changed of you're on the Agency plan.
Email Subject: you can add the tokens "#form", "#page", "#phone and "#connection_name" tokens. This will automatically insert the name of the form, page and lead phove number that the lead was generated from.
Email introduction: a short intro that will appear before the lead details. You can use the same tokens as above. You can also, for example, add "" to the introduction so that you can try to call the lead via WhatsApp.
Email Signature: nice to have if you're generating leads for another business.
Logo: another nice touch if you're creating leads on behalf of another business.

Once you've customized your Notification Email, here's how to test it.

Updated on: 30/09/2021

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