From time to time Facebook resets LeadSyncs access to your Pages.

You might have received a warning email from us, or you may have stopped receiving new lead notifications.

To reset these permissions, ensuring we have access to your Pages, please follow the steps in this video or in the details below:

Login to your personal Facebook account that you had attached to LeadSync and go to your Settings & Privacy > Setting

Click on Business Integrations from the left menu.

Find the LeadSync Lead Ad Notifications app. You may see a message: "Some permissions have expired". Click View & Edit link.
Select all the Pages that you want LeadSync to be able to access to process leads from, then click Renew.

Login to LeadSync and go to your Lead Forms section. Edit and resave the lead form connection you were having issues with.

Test you Lead Form setup, by going to the Facebook Testing Tool

Choose the page and the form you're using then click the "create lead" button
Then, click the "Track Status" button.
You may need to click "Track Status" a couple of times until you see either a Success or Failed status.

Our App ID is: 1711149865783520, and you should see something like this:

If your test fails, please take a screenshot and send it to
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