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How to set up SMS Autoresponders for Facebook Lead Ads

You can send an automated SMS to the person person who's submitted your form - so long as you have included a Phone field in your Facebook Lead form.

SMS autoresponders are available on Business, Marketer and Agency accounts.

All accounts have 10 free credits for testing purposes. If you need more credits you can purchase them for $5 per 100 SMS's per month from your Account > SMS area.

To send an automated SMS to people who submit a Facebook lead form, which includes a mobile phone number field, here's how:

In your LeadSync account, go to the Autoresponders section and click on SMS.
Click the Add Autoresponder button
Enter a name in the Autoresponder name section. This is for your internal use only.
In the SMS Message to Leads field, enter your SMS message. You can use these autofill tokens in your message: #first_name, #last_name, #full_name, #form, #page, #phone
Select which existing connection you'd like this to apply to. PLEASE NOTE: the SMS response needs to be applied to an existing Email connection. Any leads sent to this connection will receive an SMS if they have a valid mobile phone number.

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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