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How to Setup Facebook Lead Ads Email Notifications

The following instructions will show you how to setup email notifications for Facebook Lead Ads using This FAQ assumes that you have already created a Facebook Lead ad campaign. You will need to publish a lead form before you set up a notifications using LeadSync.

There are two ways LeadSync can connect to your leads:

Business Manager: if you have a Meta Business Manager account and are a registered admin:[Add a Business Account]
Personal Account: If you’re not using Facebook (Meta) Business Manager to run your lead ad campaigns and have Page admin access.

Please Note: If you’re running lead ad campaigns for another business, you’ll need to have the following permissions:

The page you’re connecting to must be part of a Business Manager account.
You must be an admin or manager of the Meta Business Manager account you’re connecting.
You need Admin or Manager permissions for the page and ad account you are trying to connect.

Read more about admin permissions for Facebook Business Manager accounts.

Facebook Lead Ads Email Notifications Setup Instructions

Sign up to
Once you've confirmed your account, connect your either you Business Manager account OR your personal account and follows the pop-up prompts

After you've added your account, go to the Connections section and Add Connection.

Select “Email” from the connections drop down box, then add your email details and name your connection, then click Update connection.

Now click on the Lead Forms menu item and then click the Add Facebook Lead Form button.

Select your Page from the drop down, then wait for LeadSync to access the forms. Select the Form from the drop down, then the Connection that you've already created.

Now you have the option to map Facebook form fields. If you have custom form fields, leave these un-mapped and only map the available fields.

Map form fields

Click Update Notifications to save your changes.

Finally, we recommend you test your connection.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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